New Hearing

Return to the Sound of Life

At Vibrosonic, we give back an almost natural hearing experience to people with hearing impairments. The technology behind our Hearing Contact Lens® is unique and offers an impressive sound quality.

“We connect people with the
sound of life.”

The Hearing Contact Lens®
for a new quality of hearing

Our Technology

Inspired by Nature

In natural hearing, sounds hit the eardrum and cause it to vibrate. Conventional hearing aids place a loudspeaker in the ear canal. Our Hearing Contact Lens® is entirely different: it sits directly on the eardrum and transmits sound through direct stimulation. In this way, the entire audible sound spectrum can be transmitted without closing the ear canal.

A Unique Hearing Solution

Vibrosonic® alpha

We present our first product, Vibrosonic alpha, the unique hearing solution. It consists of three components:

  1. the Hearing Contact Lens®
  2. an ear canal module with open, soft domes for optimal ventilation and comfortable wear
  3. the discreet behind-the-ear module with battery and microphones

Vibrosonic alpha is positioned on the eardrum by a trained ENT doctor – without any surgical procedure.

In future: Invisible

We are constantly developing our technology further. In the near future, we will have all components completely hidden in the ear canal – for an almost invisible hearing solution: Vibrosonic® one.

Researchers, Pioneers, and Founders

Our Founders

We are Dominik Kaltenbacher, Ernst Dalhoff and Jonathan Schächtele, the founders of Vibrosonic. As scientists, we’ve spent many years researching an innovative hearing solution. To bring our invention to market, we founded our company Vibrosonic in 2016 – supported by partners in the technology, industry, and medical fields. Today, around 30 employees collaborate for the success of our Hearing Contact Lens®.


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