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Inspired by Nature

In natural hearing, sounds hit the eardrum and cause it to vibrate. Conventional hearing aids place a loudspeaker in the ear canal. Our Hearing Contact Lens® is entirely different: it sits directly on the eardrum and transmits sound through direct stimulation. In this way, the entire audible sound spectrum can be transmitted without closing the ear canal.


Vibrosonic® alpha

We present our first product, Vibrosonic alpha, the unique hearing solution. It consists of three components:

  1. the Hearing Contact Lens®
  2. an ear canal module with open, soft domes for optimal ventilation and comfortable wear
  3. the discreet behind-the-ear module with battery and microphones

Vibrosonic alpha is positioned on the eardrum by a trained ENT doctor – without any surgical procedure.

In future: Invisible


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